Since 1985, Richard Bond has been creating unique works of art using glass as the medium for his artistic expression. The photographs on this web site represent a sampling of his work.  Each piece is an original work of art, designed and handcrafted by the artist himself. The images are sandblasted into coloured glass, clear glass, or a combination of both, using hand cut or liquid resist to control the sandblast. The colors in the work are the original colors of the glass; they have not been painted or stained onto the glass and are thus permanent and will not fade.

  Inspired by the Canadian landscape, the artist explores the raw beauty, movement, and energy of glass and its organic connection with the natural environment .

 Over many years Richard has developed an extensive client list and his art works may be found in government, corporate, and private collections around the world. In the spring of 2010 Richard was honored when he was chosen by the Government of Canada to create art works for presentation as gifts to the world leaders attending the G-20 Summit in Toronto.


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