About the Artist

  Richard Bond was born in 1958 in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. He moved with his family to Ottawa in 1970 and lived there until he completed his high school education. From 1979 to 1983, Richard attended the Ontario College of Art in Toronto and after graduating, he returned to Ottawa and began working for a stained glass company. It was during this time that Richard began experimenting and developing his unique art form of sandblasted glass. Richard had his first public showing of his new art form in 1986. Encouraged by its success, he continued to exhibit and develop the technique until setting up his own studio in 1988. Since then, Richard has continued to explore and develop his technique. He now has a large number of clients and his work can be found in government, corporate, and private collections around the world. 

Artist statement  

  My art is an expression of my love for nature and my fascination for the patterns and design forms revealed in the natural environment. From representational to completely abstract, and frequently a melding of both, my work seeks to reveal an organic energy found in the natural environment. Glass is a critical component to this expression; its innate, organic, flowing movement, energy and color are sympathetic to this goal. 


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